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My name is Susan and I offer yoga classes at the beaches in Fisterra / Finisterre. Please send me a message at the Facebook page or an email: if you like to join the class, to reserve a yogamat or any other requests.

Below you can also find information about my other services, like individual psychological support for pilgrims, the lost pilgrim workshop and reiki courses.

Next class:  Wednesday 17 of July 20.00: Sunset hatha yoga class @ Mar de Fora beach

When the the weather allows us to practice at the beach classtimes are published here…


Classes from

15 to 21 of July

















    10.00  Hatha yoga at Langosteira beach  (please sign up)  







Sunset Hatha yoga at Mar de Fora



Sunset Hatha yoga at Mar de Fora

(Please sign up) 


Sunset Hatha yoga at Mar de Fora

(Please sign up)


Sunset Hatha yoga at Mar de Fora

(Please sign up)  


Sunset Hatha yoga at Mar de Fora

(Please sign up)


Sunset Hatha yoga at Mar de Fora 

(Please sign up)



Price: Donation up to your financial ability and consciousness (suggested 7,-)

Location: Start of Langosteira beach (closest to the cross/ San Roque), Fisterra (see map) or Mar de Fora beach (sunset yoga, see the schedule)

I will be waiting there with blue yogamats (I only have 8 so to be sure you have to reserve one)

It is recommended not to eat 1 to 2 hours before the class

*For more information please scroll down past the pictures


Map of Mar de Fora and Map of Langosteira beach you can find below:

Sunset class at Mar de Fora Beach
With one of my yoga teachers, Surinder Singh  @ Swatsi yoga in India

More information:

Schedule information: As the classes are dependent on the weatherconditions the schedule get’s updated daily. Most likely on cold, cloudy and rainy days there will be no classes. Please reserve a spot in the class.

No food before class: It is recommended not to eat anything 1 to 2 hours before class. If you can’t manage this, eat something small that is easy to digest like a banana. Why we don’t eat before yoga?

All levels class in English: I teach a class that is easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for more advanced practitioners. I will give adjustments dependent on your level of practice. The main thing to understand about yoga though is that it doesn’t matter how far you stretch, as long as you feel the strech… It doesn’t matter if you can put your leg behind your head, what matters is that you feel your leg. We do not use the body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into the body. And we calm down the body, to calm down the mind. I have tried to teach in multiple languages seen the international nature of pilgrims in my classes, but in the end I found this time that I was spending translating created more distraction than that it was actually helpful for anyone. So I decided to just teach in English. I also speak Dutch, German and some Spanish, so if you really need a translation, no problem.  If you have any injuries, please let me know at the beginning of the class.

Yogatmats and other essentials: I have at the moment about 8 yoga mats, so if you want to be sure that you have a yogamat please, reserve a spot by writing me a message at the facebook page: Yoga camino Fisterra Or bring your own mat or towel. I unfortunately do not have any props like blocks, streps or meditation pillows, if you require these please bring your own if you can. A rolled up towel or piece of clothing can also function as a prop for example to give some extra support during seated postures.

Private and group classes: It is also possible to have private classes, or classes with your camino group, in that case just get in touch with me on my facebookpage Yoga camino Fisterra or Sometimes my classes will focus more on meditation and other times more on asana and pranayama practice.

Prices/ Fees: The classes are donation based, what this means is that there are no dues or fees associated with any of my classes. This means no one is ever turned away from any yog62349802_2469226650001907_1223704893517201408_na class due to lack of financial ability. Finding the right euro value for your donation is a personal exploration of generosity and attachment. Donations of 7,- euro for a 1,5 hour class are common. Offering more than this amount acts as a sort of “scholarship” for those who are unable to offer the suggested amount and helps to ensure I can cover my expenses like making flyers, buying essentials for the class like yogamats and props etc. fortheyogalady

Anyway I think we can be generous in many different forms. One time a pilgrim left this little artistic letter for me that said ” For the yoga lady, thank you for the lesson in living!” .

Why yoga at the end of the world (Fisterra)?

Most pilgrims experience to be more present in their bodies by walking. Walking long distances calms the mind down, as the body and the mind are deeply connected. This is exactly what yoga does as well and we can do it anytime and anywhere. Since I was a pilgrim myself I like to offer classes to pilgrims who arrive to the end of the world.

Teaching style:

I teach a style of yoga that is a mix of hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. Some classes are more focused on asana (poses) practice, others more on meditation and pranayama. At the end I sometimes give a little bit of reiki and/or thai yoga massage. I adapt my teaching style depending on what I feel is required for the people in my class. For pilgrims I won’t make classes too challenging seen the amount of kilometers they have been walking. When teaching I like to put the mindfulness aspects ( self acceptance, compassion, presence, patience, non striving, trust, always starting again/ beginners mind, non judging, etc.) and safety first. For me yoga is not about no pain no gain, it is about no pain no pain ;-). There is already enough suffering in all of us, so it is better not to cause more by putting the bar too high and too fast. Fast food and fast yoga are both not that healthy on the long term but fits in perfectly with our competitive minds and consumerism society’s. What is a less popular alternative is “BEING”, so not trying to get anywhere or to become, just here and now. I do know my own mind, and for the mind that is so difficult so also with this “being” I think “go”/ “BE ” slowly!

Background and education:

I have about 160 hours teaching experience in hatha yoga (Sivananda style), vinyasa flow and yin /restorative yoga. I have most recently been teaching at La Crisalida, a yoga and detox retreatcenter in Spain.  I also taught many classes in an Albergue called Monte Irago, to pelgrims who were walking the camino de Santiago de Compostella. In addition to this I was teaching in Guatemala to visitors of the Yoga Forest and La Paz hostel in Guatemala. See some photos of those classes below.

I have followed a Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow ( 20028515225_10155953806005944_2395980724792836102_o hr Yoga Alliance ) at Sampoorna yoga in India and a second teacher training in Hatha yoga (200 hr Yoga Alliance) at the Arhanta ashram in India ( Arhanta Yoga Nederland). I also go back to Rishikesh quite frequently to practice with different yoga teachers like Surinder Singh among others. I am also a registered psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher in the Netherlands, for more information follow this link: Mindfulness meditation teacher

Other services:

Individual support for “Lost pilgrims” :

You can book individual coaching /psychotherapy sessions with me in Fisterra or online on Skype. This is for pilgrims and anyone else who feels or is a bit (or very) lost or can use some support at the end of their walk or in their life in general. Please send me an email for more information or to book a session:

“Lost pilgrim group workshop”:

In this workshop we will explore technics from mindfulness based stress reduction ( MBST), acceptance and commitment therapy and creative consciousness coaching. There will also be space to reflect on your camino, share your experiences with other pilgrims, learn how to integrate your camino experience in you daily life and find out how to maybe give your life a valued new direction. The workshop last 2 hours. Minimum amount of participants are 4 people, costs 20,- euro per person. Please inform for dates and if there are enough people who want to participate yet to start the workshop.

Reiki level one and/or two:

Learn to give reiki healings to yourself and others in the 2 day course level 1 and or level 2 course. Minimum amount of participants is 2. Please inform by email for dates, prices and look at Reiki healer 

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Yoga classes at the yoga forest in Guatemala


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