Who is the nomad psychologist?

Who am I?

Professionally: I am a Psychologist (Acceptance & commitment therapy), coach, mindfulness & yoga teacher, reiki healer, blogger and thai yoga masseuse.

Over the last decade I have been working as a psychologist and mindfulness teacher. I mainly applnomadpsychologistfotoy technics from acceptance & commitment therapy and mindfulness. Both based on wisdom from the East. I also have experience working in retreat centers where I taught yoga classes, workshops in psychology and lifecoaching and mindfulness meditaiton. I live a healthy lifestyle and I love thinking and living outside the box, dancing salsa and to philosophy about life. 

The interest for yoga was reawakened after some life events and I started practicing ashtanga yoga intensively in my hometown in the Netherlands. This had a profound effect on my level of wellbeing. Therefor I felt I needed to explore yoga and other healing technics further in Asia. So I followed a Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow ( 200 hr Yoga Alliance ) and 2 years later another one in Hatha yoga (shivananda sequence).  I also learned reiki healing and traditional thai yoga massage. 

My mission in life is very basic: to help myself and others to suffer less and to be happier. How to be happy? This is what yoga has taught me and is still teaching me.  I learned that it is not just the asana, pranayama and meditation practice that matters but the integration of yoga over the whole scope of your daily  life. To me it is a way to update “the matrix”, to eat differently, to treat others with kindness, to realize you do not need any conditions to be happy, to be a creator, to go beyond the person into awareness itself, to spread love, to live from the heart and in the present. 

My teaching/therapy/healing style is influenced by my education and work as psychologist, mindfulness teacher, reiki healer, thai yoga masseuse and by retreats, teachers and inner and outer journeys I made over the years. I use my sense of humor, show up with authenticity, vulnerability and metaphors to explain complicated concepts.

Teachers that had a profound influence on my meditation and yoga practice are Mooji, Osho, Thich Nhat Hahn, Christina Feldman, Satya Narayan Goenka, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat Zinn, Keith Wilson, Shivananda, Jeff Foster, Teal Swan, Abraham Hicks, Gibran Gonzales Madrid, Sudhir Rishi, Joanna Vladescu, Irena Taneva, Suryan Punyafo, Gijs Jansen, Marc Steinberg, Steven Hayes, the Buddha, Kristin Neff, Andy Puddicumbe, The Dalai Lama, Rubina Cortin, John Peacock, Trish Bartley, Joep Schiphorst, Loes Ruland, David Dewulf, Bert Hoogstad, Roy Thewissen, Rob Vincken, Franka Warmenhoven, Danny van Baekel and Chantelle Geldenhuys.

For more details see the different sections that you find under the tab who is the nomad psychologist or write me an email at nomadpsychologist@gmail.com.

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