Support for nomads and expats

Emotional support for (digital) nomads and expats

I am offering psychotherapy/coaching sessions in English and Dutch to expats/ (digital) nomads or anybody else who feels the need.

I have been working as a psychologist for about a decade with clients who had problems like addictions, depressions, anxiety’s, weight problems, eating disorders, burn out etc.

A nomadic lifestyle has a lot of advantages. However there are also challenges and downsides: potential loneliness, intense ups and downs, dulness towards new stimuli (another temple?), lack of support or for example private space etc.

While we are living this lifestyle we might be more free from society, but this does not always mean that we are also free from our mind. The outer nomad is not necessary a inner nomad (see my blog).

Unfortunately sorrows and worries are part of being a human being. But we can learn to cope in healthy and effective ways with our feelings and thoughts and with others around us.
One of the ways to learn this is finding a coach or psychologist to support you within this proces.

I like to teach you how to be free from the matrix inside of you. Thoughts and feelings may control our life and behavior, but it does not have to be that way. Often we spend more energy on sabotaging ourselves by avoiding short term unpleasant thoughts and discomforts, instead of working towards what we value on the longterm. To explain what I mean: to not feel my sadness I might eat a big chocolate cake, but on the long term I would like to loose weight.

However I have a toolbox that I like to share with you depending on what your needs and wishes are.

I use technics from:

-Acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT)
-Mindfulness (meditation) (MBCT/ MBSR)
-Creative consciousness coaching
-Yoga philosophy
-Mindfulness based compassionate living (MBCL)
-Cognitive behaviour therapy

I could teach you new coping strategies to deal with mental and emotional difficulties. Then you can start focusing on what you really value.
We could also work on how to reach these goals by using coaching technics.

So you might want to start thinking about what would you do with your life if everything is possible?

The first session will be free.

May you be interested check my website and my blog about the “inner nomad” :

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