About me

Courses and experience:

My name is Susan Schmeetz.  Professionally: I am a Psychologist (Acceptance & commitment therapy), coach, mindfulness & yoga teacher, reiki master and thai yoga masseuse.

Over the last decade I have mainly been working as a psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. I apply technics from acceptance & commitment therapy and mindfulness. Both based on wisdom from the East. The last years I also have gained experience working in retreat centers where I taught yoga classes, workshops in psychology, lifecoaching and mindfulness meditation.

I use my sense of humor and metaphors to explain complicated concepts.

My Background as a Psychologist

I finished a bachelor in biological psychology and a master in  neuropsychology and clinical psychology. I have done parts of my study in the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and in Belgium. I also studied cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), MBCT/ MBSR (mindfulness), EMDR, creative consciousness coaching and at the moment schematherapy. I have about 14 years experience as a psychologist and at the moment I work online with videocalls. In the past I have been working in a clinic that treats eating disorders (mainly binge eating), obesity and the related mental health issues.  Before this I was working in a rehab for people with addictions, depressions, burnout and anxiety’s. I also have been teaching mental health related courses/ workshops to different age groups.

At the moment I am working as a psychologist & energy and balance therapist for Psycholoog op afstand, and U-center in the Netherlands. I believe in the power of nature and the benefits of walking so often I take my clients on walks while giving them a space to talk about and find new answers to issues they are dealing with.

Background as a mindfulness teacher

I am registered as a category 1 mindfulness teacher at the VMBN. This is the Dutch and Flamish society for mindfulness teachers. Because of this some of the Dutch health insurances cover the fees for a mindfulness course. I teach groups and individual courses, online and offline. At U-Center I am teaching mindfulness within a therapeutic group setting. In the pas I have been teaching mindful eating and I always combine yoga and mindfulness technics in my yoga classes. I sometimes organise mindful hikes for the international sangha in Maastricht that I enjoy very much myself.

I have been teaching mindfulness since 2011 and I have taught about 12 8-week group courses (MBCT/MBSR/Mindful eating) and many individual courses. I worked as a psychologist and mindfulness teacher in an obesity clinic (CO-EUR) and for See true in the Netherlands. At also taught mindfulness classes to pilgrims on the camino de Santiago. At the moment I mainly teaching mindfulness group classes at U-center international, a psyhotherapeutic clinic in the Netherlands.

For my own practice and to be able to teach I have followed a number of retreats and courses (See the section on the website about mindfulness), but we are never a master in mindfulness as we always have to start again in each moment.

I followed and finished “Het lange traject van See true” which means: 10 years meditation experience, participation in a MBCT/ MBSR training, (silent) retreats and theme days about mindfulness, advanced and basic teacher trainings, course on buddhist psychology, psychopathology, 3 hours of supervision and writing a reflection report about a groupcourse I taught. For more information see http://www.nomadpsychologist.com/mindfulness/

Background as a yoga teacher

Teaching style: I mostly teach a style of yoga that is a mix of hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. Some classes are more focused on asana (poses) practice, others more on meditation and pranayama. At the end I sometimes give a little bit of reiki and/or thai yoga massage. I adapt my teaching style depending on what I feel is required for the people in my class. For pilgrims I won’t make classes too challenging seen the amount of kilometers they have been walking. When teaching I like to put the mindfulness aspects ( self acceptance, compassion, presence, patience, non striving, trust, always starting again/ beginners mind, non judging, etc.) and safety first. For me yoga is not about no pain no gain, it is about no pain no pain ;-). There is already enough suffering in all of us, so it is better not to cause more by putting the bar too high and too fast. Fast food and fast yoga are both not that healthy on the long term but fits in perfectly with our competitive minds and consumerism society’s. What is a less popular alternative is “BEING”, so not trying to get anywhere or to become, just here and now. I do know my own mind, and for the mind that is so difficult so also with this “being” I think “go”/ “BE ” slowly!

Do not ask a fish to climb a tree, do not ask someone to follow allignement cues in a pose that his/her body does not allow for. I do not care about how poses look, I care about how they feel and what meridians and chakras they work on. If your practice helps you to calm your mind and let the chi in your body flow better, I think you are an advanced practicioner. It is not defined by your degree of flexibility or skeletability.

Experience: I have about 300 hours teaching experience in hatha yoga (Sivananda style), vinyasa flow and yin /restorative yoga. I teach yoga at the beach in Fisterra. I have also have been teaching at La Crisalida a yoga and detox retreatcenter in Spain where I worked as a as a health and wellbeing mentor.  I also taught many classes in an Albergue called Monte Irago, to pilgrims who were walking the camino de Santiago de Compostella. In addition to this I was teaching in Guatemala to visitors of the Yoga Forest and La Paz hostel in Guatemala. And at Albergue Sol y Lua in Fisterra. I was teaching classes at the beaches of Fisterra to pilgrims before corona. In 2020 I taught classes at Klooster Simpelveld http://www.kloostersimpelveldyogabodymind.nl/ and sometimes at the Innbetween in Maastricht.

Education: I have followed a Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow ( 200 hr Yoga Alliance ) at Sampoorna yoga and a second teacher training in Hatha yoga (200 hr Yoga Alliance) at the Arhanta ashram in India ( Arhanta Yoga Nederland). In 2020 I followed a chinese medicine & yin yoga teacher training in the Netherlands with Marieke vliegen, yinspiration trainer and senior assistant of Jo Phee. And I also followed a 3 day workshop in trauma sensitive yoga to understand a bit more about guiding classes for people who experienced trauma which I do at U-center. I also go back to Rishikesh (India) quite frequently to practice with different yoga teachers like Surinder Singh among others. At the moment i’m specialising in traumatic release exercises (TRE)/ neurogenic shaking and trauma sensitive yoga.

Body and Energy work

I have followed level 1, 2 and 3 reiki courses and have assisted my teacher in Rishikesh (Shanti) a few years in a row during my stays there. I have been practicing reiki since 2016. In an albergue called Monte Irago in Foncebadon (Spain) I have given many reiki healings to pilgrims on the camino de Santiago. Since a few years I am also a reiki master and able to teach courses in reiki. You can find more information about these courses and my background in reiki under “reiki”.

I also practiced thai yoga massage in the camino de Santiago. I believe this is a very nice way to help people relax their body and consequently also their mind. However I am not practicing thai yoga massage much these days as I decided to put my focus elsewhere. I also folllowed a course in Ayurvedic oil massage, but I am also not really practicing this at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t do everything at once 😉

At the moment i’m in training to become a TRE (tension & trauma release exercises) practicioner. I hope to finish this in 2021.

Degrees and certified courses:


Master clinical psychology

Master neuropsychology

Bachelor biological psychology

Course in Acceptance & commitment therapy with Gijs Jansen (ACT)

Course in Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) @RIAGG

50 hours Schematherapy course


Training in cue exposure therapy (eating disorders)

Courses in MBCT & MBSR (see mindfulness)

Creative consciousness coaching lang traject (master 1,2,3 & mastery of relationships)

School of life retreat in Amsterdam ” De reis van je leven “

Mindfulness meditation teacher:

Advanced mindfulness teacher training (Lange traject, See true)

Workshop with Mark Williams (MBCT)

Registration with the VMBN category 1 (mindfulness society)

Mindful eating, teacher training, Roy Thewissen

Mindfulness based compassioned living (MBCL), Frits Koster

Goenka Vipassana 10 day retreat

Many different retreats in (mindfulness) meditation with Thich Nhat Hahn, Christina Feldman, John Peacock etc. (see Mindfulness on this website)

Yoga Teacher:

200 hour Yoga teacher training (Hatha yoga)

60 hour Chinese medicine and yin yoga teacher training with Marieke vliegen

200 hour Yoga teacher training (Ashtanga & Vinyasa)

3 day Workshop in Trauma Sensitive yoga

Body & energy work:

120 hours Thai yoga massage

Usui Reiki master (level 1,2,3)

Module 1 & 2 : TRE ( Tension & trauma release exercises)

Ayurvedic massage

In training to become a TRE practicioner