Psychologist for Pilgrims

For pilgrims I offer coaching and therapy before, during and or after their camino. Online via Skype or offline in Fisterra. I like to support you in reflecting on your camino, get clarity for your next steps, discover new coping strategies and give a space to talk about the difficulties and changes you might experience in your life. 

My personal camino:

I have been a pilgrim on the camino de Santiago de Compostella a few times myse41524291_10156442558005944_6953085137739317248_nlf. I also worked as a hospitalera in a couple of albergues on the camino and teach yoga and mindfulness classes for pilgrims at the moment.

Reasons to walk the camino

Through these experiences I got quite an idea why people start walking 400 km’s or more, while it seems quite crazy to the people around them. Some people might just love the outdoors and are quite sporty in general, but often it is also related to an issue in their life that they are dealing with and want to find a solution, some space to reflect or some relieve for. There are not that many people who walk the camino out of religion reasons anymore, but more for “spiritual” reasons.

I think this also a change that we can see in general in Western society. Half a century ago most people would turn to their religion to find their support when coping with problems and a priests and even monks and sisters, would be there to support people. While religion is still strong in many cultures, I think more and more people are turning to healers, therapists, spirituality and the mental health care to find support. Many of us are also quite lost and not coping in such healthy ways. I think this is also not so suprising at Jim Carrey puts it:

“Society is collapsing, and people are starting to recognize that the reason they feel like they’re mentally ill is that they’re living in a system that’s not designed to suit the human spirit. “

Walking as therapy

I think walking itself is one of the best therapy’s you can find, as it can be seen as a meditation/ yoga practice that calms down your mind. At the same time you always meet the right people at the right time that help you to become aware of yourself and help you to deal with things differently. And as you are carrying around every kilogram on your back, you also learn to become quite minimalistic and understand that actually you do not need that much. 

Lost pilgrim

In the meantime I have also seen pilgrims as a hospitalera that were still quite lost at the end of their camino and didn’t know how to continue with their life afterwards. The camino was a wonderful experience but to go back home where they have to face the same problems, like for example loneliness, depressions and or relationship problems, can be quite hard if there is nobody around who understands your camino experience. It is easy to fall back in old habits at home, like for example addictions and other unhelpful coping strategies. 


Psychologist for pilgrims on the camino de Santiago

have been working as a psychologist for about 12 years with clients who either just wanted to get more out of life and be happier or who had problems like addictions, depressions, anxiety’s, weight problems, eating disorders, relationship problems, burn out, low self esteem etc. For further information about me or about these different technics mentioned below see the “About me” section in the menu or just write me an email: 

Session Rates

For an online therapy session (45 minutes) my current session rate is 75 euro. For pilgrims there is a special reduced rate for a limited amount of sessions, please inform by email. Afterwards you will receive an invoice that has to paid before the next session. For pilgrims it is also possible to book a session in Fisterra in person.

If you cancel later than 24 hours before the planned session a fee of 50% of the session rate is reimbursed.

How to book an online session

If you have any question or would like to book a session please email me:

When you are not confident if I am the right therapist for you, I can give you the possibility to start a session with me on Skype for 20 minutes charge free. If you like to continue, after 20 minutes the full session rate of 75 euro will be applied for the remaining 25 minutes.