“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,” says Kabat-Zinn. “It’s about knowing what is on your mind.”

Learning to meditate and practicing mindfulness in your daily life has many benifits. When you start a mindfulness course with me on skype, I will teach you to the basics of meditation from the comfort of your own home.

Mindfulness course online

I offer an online individual mindfulness course (MBSR/MBCT). Often this program is given in 8 weeks to groups. As an individual training there is more attention for you, you can do it in 1 hour for 7 weeks (7 1 hour sessions). On top of that you try to practice mediation daily from 20 minutes to 1 hour a day. Just get in touch if you like more information about the course overview. 


The fees for an individual course are 595,- for 7 weeks. This is including tax. We will first have a 20 min. free (non binding) phone/ video call to answer any questions and then if you decide to continue with the course we will make a plan for the 7 sessions.

Mindfulness & eating training

I am trained to teach & have a lot of experience teaching mindfulness & eating course. In addition to this I have worked many years in a obesity/eating disorder clinic in the Netherlands.

The idea of this course is to teach you to use mindfulness to change your lifestyle, eating habits and control your weight. If you like more information just send me an email and I send you an overview of the course or we can have a phonecall. 

Teaching experience:

I have been teaching mindfulness since 2011 and I have taught about 12 8-week group courses (MBCT/MBSR/Mindful eating) and many individual courses. I worked as a psy19059736_1977454215823245_2231703923462727430_n-1chologist and mindfulness teacher in an obesity clinic (CO-EUR) and for See true in the Netherlands. At the moment I’m teaching mindfulness in U-center international, a psychotherapy clinic in the Netherlands. 

For my own practice and to be able to teach I have followed a number of retreats and courses (See below), but we are never a master in mindfulness as we always have to start again in each moment.

I qualified and am registered as a category 1 mindfulness teacher at the VMBN. This is the Dutch and Flamish society for mindfulness teachers. Because of this some of the Dutch health insurances cover the fees for a mindfulness course. I teach groups and individual courses, online and offline. Also I teach mindful eating and combine yoga and mindfulness technics in my yoga classes.

Education as a mindfulness teacher:

I followed and finished “Het lange traject van See true” which involves: 9 years meditation experience, participation in a MBCT/ MBSR training, (silent) retreats and theme days about mindfulness, advanced and basic teacher trainings, course on buddhist psychology, psychopathology, 3 hours of supervision and writing a reflection report about a grouptraining I taught.

I also studied:

•    A basic teacher training for teaching mindfulness at SeeTrue
•    An advanced mindfulness teacher training at SeeTrue
•    An acceptance and commitment therapy  (ACT) course at SeeTrue with Gijs Jansen
•    How to teach a mindful eating course at SeeTrue with Roy Thewissen
•    2 day Workshop by Prof. Dr. J. Mark Williams, founder of MBCT
•    Mindfulness based compassionate living (MBCL) for mental Health- professionals module 1 with Frits Koster and Erik van den Brink at VUMC

Other meditation experience:

– 8-day Dharma study retreat with Christina Feldman and John Peacock @ the Gaia house, England

– 6-day retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh and the monks and sisters of EIAB & Plum Village in the  European institute of applied Buddhism, Germany

– 4-day retreat at Wat umong in Chiang mai, Thailand

– 4-day retreat at Wat Pah Nanachat in Ubon Rachathani (International Forest Monastery), Thailand

– 5-day introduction into buddhism witht Robina Courtin bij het Tushita meditation centre, Mcleod Ganj, India.

– 10-day Satsang with Mooji Baba, Rishikesh, India

– 7-day retreat at Osho ashram in Deradun, India

– 3-day chakra healing retreat, Osho ashram Gangadam, India

– 10-day Vipassana silent retreat with Goenka, Belgium

– 10-day retreat in Plum village, Thailand

– 1 month stay with New life foundation (mindfulness community) in Chian Rai, Thailand

-1 week rain retreat at New Hamlet, Plum village, France

-1 week assisting the sisters at the mindful childrens program at a EIAB family retreat