Conscious weightloss program by Mindful eating & lifestyle changes

So many people try to loose weight in unhealthy ways with crashdiets, overexercising, shakes and pills. And it works fast! But then it doesn’t last! The weight is quicker gained again than that you lost it in the first place. This is because these programs are not focused on lifestyle changes and more awareness on how we treat ourselves. The diets or shakes work fast, but they do not integrate long lasting (healthy) behaviour habits within our eating and exercise routines. And most of all they do not change anything in how we cope with stress and difficult emotions that come up in this chaotic space that we call life.

From my personal experience and from my work as a psychologist in an obesity clinic I have gained a lot of awareness and knowledge about how to loose weight in a conscious way. Because of this I am offering skype coaching and therapy sessions. In these sessions I will focus with you on how to lose the weight consciously and how to maintain your new established weight and lifestyle. I would advice 5 to 10 sessions. Here is a short overview of what will be offered:

  1. How to lose weight by changing your lifestyle and increasing your motivation to do so:
  • Putting a spotlight onto you drive/ motivation to lose weight
  • Focus on making a realistic plan to change your life instead of changing your weight
  • Building awareness in food choice patterns and inducing lifestyle changes:
    • What you eat
    • How much you eatimages-5
    • When you eat
    • How you eat:  mindful eating
    • What to eat during special occasions
    • Do I use food as a coping strategy and how do I change this
  • Increasing Exercise
    • In daily life
    • Going to the gym
    • How to make exercise fun

2) Developing healthier copingmechanisms related to stress and developing self love

  • What are the copingstrategies that you usually use?
  • How well are they working for you?
  • What are the benefits on the short and the long term?
  • Integrating mindfulness as a copingstrategy
  • Developing new strategies consciously

3) Getting clear on what you really value in life and how to manifest this/ increase the likelihood

4) Increasing your level of mindfulness in daily life and getting free from the matrix with defusion technics from ACT

I see losing weight as the result of increasing the happiness that you feel about your life, by focussing on how to treat yourself in a loving way instead of focusing on how to get rid of “the weight”. When we love ourselves more by choosing the right food, increasing to exercise, developing self care and healthy coping strategies we no longer need the food to fill up that space within ourselves.